Duplex stainless steel and alloy pipe manufacturer

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Duplex stainless steel and alloy pipe manufacturer

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Dual-phase stainless steel thermoplastic studies Due to the different hardness of the two-phase stainless steel in the two-phase stainless steel and the different softening mechanisms in the thermal deformation process, there are unbalanced stress and strain distributions in the austenite and ferrite, In the process of high temperature thermal deformation, the crack is in phase boundary nucleation and expansion of duplex stainless steel.factory price stainlesss steel sheet The thermoplasticity of duplex stainless steel is not only closely related to steel type, but also affected by strain rate, deformation temperature and austenite phase. In recent years, thermoplastic has been one of the hotspots of Chinese duplex stainless steel workers. The thermo - plasticity of several typical duplex stainless steels at a deformation temperature of 950 ~ 1200 �� was studied by hot drawing method.Stainless Steel Sheet In Stainless Steel Sheet With the increase of deformation temperature, the tensile strength of duplex stainless steel decreases gradually. At the same deformation temperature, the tensile strength of steel is improved obviously. At the same time, with the increase of deformation temperature, Stainless steel cross-section shrinkage gradually increased, and between 1100 ~ 1200 �� maintained at a relatively high level.Hoja de aluminio de 4 mm sgcc acero At the same deformation temperature, the cross-sectional shrinkage of 2507 is significantly lower than 2101 and 2205, although 2205 Cr, Mo content higher than 2101, but 2101 component contains about 5% Mn, for this, 2101 and 2205 section shrinkage Basically close. In general, for duplex stainless steel, between 1100 ~ 1200 �� has a good thermoplastic, the results for the actual production process according to the thermal deformation, processing steel and specifications and other factors to determine a reasonable heat distortion temperature range Foundation.Varities types steel tube supply distributors
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