Wood floor care tips

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Wood floor care tips

Postby chenchen12495 » Mar 9th, '18, 06:14

<P>Remove the carpet from the wood floor. Cut and tape the carpet into sections for easy disposal in the trash. Once all the rugs have been removed, you can start real on the wooden floor and drop any protruding studs into it. There may be nails on the wooden floor to keep the floor from creaking, or to fasten a piece of loose wood.</P>
<P>Anyway, exposing the nail to the surface of the wood floor is dangerous and annoying. Most of the time, screwing a nail deep into the floor is a better and easier solution than pulling a nail out. Drop the nail into the wooden floor about half a centimeter. Use a nail cover, so when you hit the nail will not leave a mark on the wooden floor. To follow the direction of nails hit, do not fight against.</P>
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