Blade & Soul Hongmoon Secret Skills

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Blade & Soul Hongmoon Secret Skills

Postby TamamShamoon » Mar 5th, '16, 02:09

So to start with I played the playbns version, CBT1 of NA and JP version but couldnt hit max due to

250+ ping issues.

I was wondering how and what we can do to unlock the secret hongmoon skills in the NA version? Now

before you scold me to google and research myself, I already did and the only topics I find are the

ones on BnS dojo and they only describe stuff like lv 50 skills and most of their legendary skills

unlock guides require us to kill world bosses, farm dungeon/boss drops from pohwaran(sea snake supply

base or what ever ) , bloody shark harbor and certain faction/guild crafting that is required or

through pvp arena where you buy a item/consume for 5000 BNS Gold.

But as far as what I saw on CBT 1 we dont have those level 45 dungeons nor the world bosses. So how do

we unclock them? Do we just wait for an expansion pack after the launch which will include BSH and all

those dungeons or is there already a way to unlock them?

Because I play a FM and some of my legendary skills ask for weird named achievements like "phantom

grip hongmoon secret" , wtf is that and how do i get that achievement? I didnt play long enough on the

JP version to learn these and playbns had the outdated shit that didnt even have this option.

Its really fucking frustrating that NCsoft west doesnt have a lore/wiki site to help us with this

information and just assume that we all know how to read Chinese/Korean/Japanese and learn from other

versions of the game? Or they just assumed that since 3/4ths of BnS NA players are already veterans

from other regions that they will explain all these on BnS dojo or something? Kinda lazy of them and I

really hope they step up and improve the beta experience because IF i didnt have this basic game

knowledge and understanding based on playbns and JP versions , I would be so lost and upset like many

people who already post on reddit here asking the same questions again and again.
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