Are misty woods dailies worth doing these days

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Are misty woods dailies worth doing these days

Postby TamamShamoon » Mar 14th, '16, 03:26

I'm not sure if I'm ready for the fraction dailes. Which is why I don't do them... my gear are all at infernal (Max) weapon have true profane with attack power 25, life drain 120 and additional damage 120ish, belt got from poh (purple one, got the gear to breakthrough) but don't have any soul stones :( and my guild doesn't do then :(

Hmm dumpling I got about 70 of them and 75+ healing tonics. (Even doing 6 man Poh I rarely have to use them. Though I'm not even sure how I'm aggroing the bosses there with only a pofane weapon while I see everyone mostly having Siren weapons.

Only things I'm missing and trying to find are the Unsealing charms and some additional repair tool. (Have 50+ but it cost 3 just to repair my weapon and I tend to have to do that about twice if not once per day)

Naryu silver are so easy to get. Without even trying I got 75+ coins and 40+ Silvers...

So your saying is not worth doing the big 4 anymore? O.O? Can I ask why? I get some decent silver from them. Though I'm unsure if they are at the same value of the big 4 blues.

That's how you get unsealing charms with Blade And Soul Gold? I've had 30 of them recently but since I was gong for POH purple soul shield and then the BSH purple soul shield. I've only got 8 left (still need to unseal my pirate necklace and Siren stuff)

You're quite well off to do faction dailies with your gear. Plenty of people less geared than yourself. Only issue would be if there is an opposite faction party around and they decide to bully you.
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