Clearly clean the wooden floor

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Clearly clean the wooden floor

Postby qiaoqiao2014 » Mar 9th, '18, 06:39

<p>Next handle the new floor, saw off the lower half of the new floor notches and clean the entire tongue and groove, pay attention to reserve some space, due to smear glue will take up a certain amount of space; Finally, the new floor to replace the need to replace Position, the original four weeks tenon joints coated with glue, and in the new flooring mortise also glue, and then placed in the gap between the lower scrap plate, the first long tongue and short edge of the tongue embedded in the original four weeks The edge of the floor slot, and then hand down the notch side, and block the wood with a special tool to gently hit into, pay attention to the length of the first than about whether the same installation, if the new board is long, you can shorten, short Only disassemble the entire floor.</p>
<P>The overall method of re-pavement and no difference when the first pavement, first full tilt of the original floor, and then re-shop.Home friends in this situation can follow the method introduced by Xiaobian wooden floor repair. From the above introduction we can find that the wooden floor repair method is not easy to operate and can not achieve the original decoration effect, so Xiaobian here friends, choose the wooden floor or to choose a big brand floor.</P>
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