Runescape:PvP Changes this week

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Runescape:PvP Changes this week

Postby Runescapegoldfast » Dec 7th, '18, 07:30

Spec tabbing

Following feedback, the recently implemented teleblock after using a special attack in PvP has been changed. The teleblock now only occurs when a special attack has been used, rather than having the special attack bar highlighted - this now applies to both melee and ranged special attacks. In addition to this, now only special attacks used in PvP scenarios will have the teleblock applied, meaning players engaging in PvM will be able to teleport after using a special attack. This change applies to the Wilderness on normal worlds, or anywhere in PvP or Bounty Hunter worlds. Note that only special attacks which negatively affect your opponent trigger the teleblock. Special attacks from weapons such as Excalibur will not prevent the player from teleporting.

Safe Zones on PvP Worlds

When entering a safe zone in PvP Worlds while in combat with another player, you and your opponent will now be able to continue fighting for an extra 6 seconds while in the safe zone.

Anti-spam Change to Rev Caves Entrance

Players are now prevented from spamming the entrance/exit to the Revenant caves to avoid PKers. This applies to all game modes and will not be restricted to Deadman.

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Re: Runescape:PvP Changes this week

Postby astrodost » Dec 29th, '18, 05:58

The time needed for the update to upload varies with each update, although they usually take from 2 minutes to a 20 minute wait. Extremely large updates, such as the Bot Nuke have been known to take over an hour to implement.
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