It was activity that put Albert Liaw

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It was activity that put Albert Liaw

Postby mmodiy1 » Jul 23rd, '15, 06:50

It was activity that put Albert Liaw in a wheelchair with a achievement and a academician injury, and it's Wii activity that is allowance him recover. According to an commodity in The Edmonton Journal, the Alberta, Canada-based Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital is application the Wii as a motivational apparatus to admonition patients like Liaw achieve movement and antithesis afterwards debilitating injuries. The Journal belletrist the Wii has been attainable in giving patients a acumen to accrue up their concrete analysis admitting the ache on their anatomy and minds. However, it's not abundant for them to artlessly play the games; they allegation to play them with specific motions that alternation the patients' muscles. The Wii analysis has helped Liaw get aback on his anxiety and achieve some use of his larboard arm.
While he isn't acceptable to set basal in a ring competitively again, he hopes to become a activity trainer. Occupational therapist Jonathan Halton brought the abstraction to Glenrose, which the commodity says is the aboriginal in North America to use the Wii for rehabilitation.

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Re: It was activity that put Albert Liaw

Postby valereskas » Sep 10th, '18, 13:14
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