greenhouses and on organic farms

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greenhouses and on organic farms

Postby qizhen10001 » Feb 14th, '19, 08:30

from. Many eco companies, for example, will not use supplies that are only found in the rain forest. If endangered species require the ingredient to survive, then most companies will avoid using it. Because of this, you will find that citrus, coconut and a lot of herbs are used in the creation of eco
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friendly cleaning supplies. Citrus is a very common acid, as is coconut. As herbs can be grown in greenhouses and on organic farms, they often do not pose any danger to the environment. In addition to being good for the environment, eco companies tend to support Fair Trade. Fair Trade is the concept
that all workers receive a fair pay. When a company supports Fair Trade, the prices are typically higher to support the better wages the lowest level workers receive. By supporting Fair Trade companies, you are supporting the rights of other humans in third world, developing countries. Going Eco-
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