SolidWorks 2019 SP1 Win x64

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SolidWorks 2019 SP1 Win x64

Postby apple2000 » Mar 17th, '19, 14:48

SolidWorks 2019 SP1 Win x64


SolidWorks 2019 SP1 Win x64

Dassault Syst�mes is pleased to announce the availability of SOLIDWORKS 2019, the latest release of its portfolio of 3D design and engineering applications.

It's that time of year again. The archaic CAD programs of this current calendar year must give way to the next generation. Just as a caterpillar must discard its Earthly form to be reborn as a magnificent butterfly, so too must SOLIDWORKS 2018 step aside for SOLIDWORKS 2019.
The difference between SW18 and SW19 is not quite as dramatic as that between a caterpillar and butterfly, but there are a number of improvements coming to SOLIDWORKS users. These include performance enhancements, new ways of interacting with models, and augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) capabilities.


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