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The game "Dracula 5 - The Blood Legacy" has been developed using "Warp", a traditional model for adventure gaming as seen in games by Cryo (Atlantis... ), Microids (Amerzone...) and even Whitebirds (Nikopol...). The player's view is at the center of a sphere and can be oriented 360°: the player can see ahead, up, down, and to either side.

Movement is played out from spot to spot. The game is pre-calculated, which ensures greater graphical quality. The advantage of this system is that although it is fairly significant in terms of size, its performance requirements are low, which means the player can obtain very good results on mobile platforms or a less powerful PC.


The player will have to find objects and use them in specific locations. These objects can also be transformed by combining them with others in the inventory. Sometimes the player will be asked to solve riddles or play mini-games (puzzles) in order to continue the adventure.

A storyline rich in suspense with references to both Stoker's work and the fictional world of Dracula with realistic, well thought-out environments, "Dracula 5 - The Blood Legacy" reflects the tradition of great French adventure games... such as "Nostradamus", "The Secrets of Da Vinci" and "Secret of the Lost Cavern", where exploration and reflection are the key elements in an entertaining video experience that is both intense and culturally enriching.

Atelier de Yanek

Some of the teams who worked on previous games in the Dracula saga have also worked on this new opus, either on the storyline (TOTM) or the graphics (M-Zone). Both the sound and music in the game were also of high importance in the development process and were written by a pioneer within the genre, Pierre Esteve, who also composed the music for "Black Moon Chronicles" and "Atlantis II".

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